Source code for panoptes_client.workflow_version

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

from panoptes_client.panoptes import (
from panoptes_client.workflow import Workflow

[docs]class WorkflowVersion(PanoptesObject): _api_slug = 'versions' _edit_attributes = tuple() @classmethod def http_get(cls, path, params={}, headers={}): workflow = params.pop('workflow') return Panoptes.client().get( Workflow.url( + cls.url(path), params, headers, )
[docs] @classmethod def find(cls, _id, workflow): """ Like :py:meth:`.PanoptesObject.find` but also allows lookup by workflow. - **workflow** must be a :py:class:`.Workflow` instance. """ try: return cls.where(id=_id, workflow=workflow).next() except StopIteration: raise PanoptesAPIException( "Could not find {} with id='{}'".format(cls.__name__, _id) )
[docs] def save(self): """ Not implemented for this class. It is not possible to modify workflow versions once they are created. """ raise NotImplementedError( 'It is not possible to manually create workflow versions. ' 'Modify the workflow instead.' )
@property def workflow(self): """ The :py:class:`.Workflow` to which this version refers. """ return self.links.item