Source code for panoptes_client.classification

from __future__ import absolute_import, division, print_function

from panoptes_client.panoptes import LinkResolver, PanoptesObject

[docs]class Classification(PanoptesObject): _api_slug = 'classifications' _link_slug = 'classification' _edit_attributes = ( )
[docs] @classmethod def where(cls, **kwargs): """ where(scope=None, **kwargs) Like :py:meth:`.PanoptesObject.where`, but also allows setting the query scope. - **scope** can be any of the values given in the `Classification Collection API documentation <>`_ without the leading slash. Examples:: my_classifications = Classification.where() my_proj_123_classifications = Classification.where(project_id=123) all_proj_123_classifications = Classification.where( scope='project', project_id=123, ) """ scope = kwargs.pop('scope', None) if not scope: return super(Classification, cls).where(**kwargs) return cls.paginated_results(*cls.http_get(scope, params=kwargs))